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The investment management of trusts and private money often is characterized by a long term and value driven strategy. Systematic diversification and a high portfolio quality are the result. Therefore alternative investments form an increasingly important part of client’s portfolios. Forestry as an asset class has already been a typical investment for family money and university trusts in the US market since long. Portfolio allocations go up to 10%. In the European context this is rarely to be found, mostly when there are long term family traditions in land and forestry.

In addition to a return oriented and value driven strategy the clients include criteria as social responsibility, climate change, renewable energy into their investment decision criteria. Forestry is attractive in all these dimensions.

First Forest offers to the investor design and management of forestry investments. In addition to consulting on the asset class with regard to allocation and investments we are providing access to attractive and diversified portfolios built specifically for European clients as well as attractive single tracts. Our mission is to ensure superior access to the asset class with an attractive risk/return profile. High quality and sustainable forest management are prerequisites.

For investors, who are invested in forestry already and are looking for an optimization within their overall portfolio, we offer individual solutions.

The structure of the funds and our co-work with leading European forestry managers ensure both local expertise and international best practice combined with minimum operational risk. With our strategic partners of Forest Plus we provide decades of experience in more than 75 countries and a management track record of more than 14 mio. ha of land.

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