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First Forest serves as a partner of institutional investors and offers access to the asset class of forestry. Forestry is an attractive asset for all mid to long term investors like insurance companies, reinsurers, public and private pension organizations: forestry improves the portfolio quality significantly.

In addition to the known financial credentials forestry investments with First Forest reduce global warming and should be part of climate mitigation strategies (valid voluntary and under Kyoto mechanism). As a renewable resource forests also comply with the UN “Principles of Responsible Investment” (PRI), which have been initiated by leading international asset pools.

While forestry investments are an established asset class in many markets (e.g. US), European investors are almost not invested yet. At the same time the asset class gets support from leading investment consultants as a meaningful addition to the portfolio.

First Forest offers to institutional investors design and management of forestry investments. Allocation strategies based on individual client needs are developed by our team. But we also provide access to a diversified portfolio of forestry assets that reflects the specific needs of European institutional investors. Depending on investment size First Forest is prepared also to work on individual tracts for investment. We can provide a superior risk/return profile while ensuring a high quality forest management.

The structure of the funds and our co-work with leading European forestry managers ensure both local expertise and international best practice combined with minimal operational risk. With our strategic partners of ForestPlus we provide decades of experience in more than 75 countries and a management track record of more than 14 mio. ha of land please also refer to The Team.

Key aspects of our offering include

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