Forests are important to us. They are important for our climate, as a base for renewable energy, for water and biodiversity, for recreation and many more.

Forest is the biggest terrestrial carbon sink and therefore it is of significant importance in the context of global warming. Our most important objective in that context is to protect existing forest especially the rain forests. But in addition new and growing forest (afforestation, reforestation) are important additional carbon sinks. So each growing tree contributes to the stabilization of our climate. In addition carbon is being stored in wood products such as furniture for a long time.

Forestry Investments are therefore contributing very effectively to climate protection. Decades of experience with its sustainability make it a conservative investment that can be combined with bio-energy and fuel switch initiatives.

With Forestry Investments an alignment of sustainable action with profitable investment is feasible. Investment strategies can be customized to the specific focus and investment objective of the investor, e.g. as part of a carbon neutral strategy.

To First Forest and its partners sustainable forestry management is an integral part of our work. Our partner Forest Plus contributes with significant experience in the certified management of forests. The team also has a qualification in carbon auditing, which is of importance in the context of deliberate climate initiatives as well as for CDM/JI-Initiatives under the Kyoto protocol.

Forestry Investments

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