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The investor and First Forest interests are aligned with each other. The following principles are driving our offerings:

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Focus: Professional offerings for European investors
The First Forest offering is designed to serve European investors and builds on a profound understanding of their underlying business preferences. Current offerings in forestry most often show a strong regional bias (e.g. USA, Latin America, Australia) and respond only partially to European Investor needs. The investors risk/return profile, sustainable forestry management (incl. certification)and regional investment preferences are building the cornerstones of the investment, taking into consideration regulatory and tax constraints. First Forest is the first in market to offer a tailored investment vehicle and approach for an easy and comprehensive access for European investors.
International portfolio approach
Regional forestry and climate specifics call for a global investment approach. Based on principles of diversification, specific European investment needs and in order to control the risk inherent to the asset class (e.g. biological risks, country risks) an investment into an international pool of assets is of significant importance. Herein attractive investments can be bundled and a specific investment focus can be designed. A structured investment process is the foundation for each portfolio decision. Such a diversified portfolio differentiates First Forest from investment offerings into forestry plantations in individual countries (e.g. Latin America).
Combination of high end forestry and portfolio management
Forestry investments are an attractive asset as they on one hand fulfil financial criteria and on the other hand are sustainable. From an investor’s perspective professional design and management of the investment are required just as for other asset classes. At the same time best in class local and global forestry expertise has to be ensured, in order to provide professional and superior forestry management. First Forests unique market position stems from leading edge financial markets experience with capital markets and portfolio management firms combined with a proven forestry track record over decades in more than 75 countries, in cooperation with leading European forestry management organizations.
„Pure Play Forestry“
One of the prerequisites of an investment in a new asset class is a clear risk/return profile, which allows the integration of such an investment into the optimization of the entire portfolio. First Forest offers „Pure Play Forestry“, as investments are focused on profits from biological growth, and increasingly carbon certificates. Other options to increase return such as land appreciation or real estate development (“High and Better Use”) are not focus of the fund strategy. This way a minimum correlation of the investment with dominant or traditional asset classes like fixed income and equity can be achieved. This differentiates First Forest from other forestry investments e.g. US Timber Management Organizations, which mostly do transfer „commingled risks“ to the investor.

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